Featured Post Images

Featured Post Images

by Shane Robinson

Just like in Wordpress, it’s easy to add a Featured Image to display at the top of the page.

Unlike in Wordpress, you can also easily manage the height of the Featured Image at any of the TailwindCSS breakpoints.

💡 TIP: You could also use the “hero” Frontmatter settings, examples in the file for all the options and features for a video, graphic, carousel, or split hero section.

How to manage Featured Post Images in this system

  • Local Image
    • Create an image in your favorite image editor.
    • Generally it’s best if the image is landscape and not portrait orientation.
    • Place it wherever you like in the /src/assets/images/ directory or sub-directories.
    • Enter the path to the image relative to /src/assets/images/
      • For example, if the image file is “featured-image.jpg” and you placed it in /src/assets/images/2020/09/ then you’d enter 2020/09/featured-image.jpg in the images:feature: frontmatter.
  • External Image
    • If you’d like to use an externally hosted image (like from Unsplash)
    • Enter the full URL in the images:feature: frontmatter.

Set Featured Image Height

Default image height is currently set to h-48 md-1/3 which is basic TailwindCSS except for that custom theme height at medium and above of md-1/3 which is set in /tailwind.config.js.

You can override this with any TailwindCSS height settings, plus the custom settings in /tailwind.config.js for any of TailwindCSS’s default breakpoints.

Set Featured Image Position

Lastly, you can set the image’s position within the container by using TailwindCCS’s Object Position.

Default is set to object-center but if your image’s focus area is off center, you can try object-left or object-right to see if that placement is better

For example, this page’s frontmatter currently looks like this:

# /src/posts/
title: Featured Post Images
date: 2020-09-06T17:44:03.000Z
excerpt: Easily add featured images (heros) just like in Wordpress.
author: shane-robinson
image: 2020/09/featured-image.jpg
images: # relative to /src/assets/images/
feature: 2020/09/featured-image.jpg #
thumb: 2020/09/featured-image.jpg
align: object-left # object-center (default) - other options at
height: h-64 md:h-1/3 # optional. Default = h-48 md:h-1/3
- featured-image
- hero
- frontmatter
- tailwindcss